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"The 700-700"

This is the largest, most complete family tree available. I call this "The 700-700" because it covers the full semi-legendary family tree of the Iranian Empires featured in the History of Persia podcast. from Achaemenes, c. 700 BCE to Bahram VII, c. 700 CE. In reality, this chart actually spans a much longer span, from the mythical Greek hero Hercules, a supposed ancestor of both the Argead Dynasty of Macedon and the Mermnad Dynasty of Lydia, down to the last descendants of the Sassanid shahs in China and the Umayyad Caliphate. 

This family tree includes the full span of all of the inter-married dynasties in the surrounding kingdoms. Thus it includes not only Persia, but also Media, Lydia, Egypt, Macedon, Armenia, Libya, Thrace, and others.

In the most complex or incestuous generations, particularly the generation of Darius, Cambyses, and Atossa, the tree can become very wide. To effectively view the tree at these points, it is best to either use the search bar at the bottom to navigate directly to a person of interest or to set "Parents" and "Children" to 2 individuals.

Later generations seem to be the best choice for viewing all of the major figures at once. I recommend Artaxerxes III.

To view the most individuals possible, you can change the settings on "Parents," "Children," and "Others" at the bottom of the chart to see more generations at once.


As of July 1, 2020 this is largely complete up to the death of Alexander the Great. The only people up to that point are related to the Argead Dynasty of Macedon.

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