Achaemenid Extended Family

This is a complete family tree for the Achaemenid Royal Family. This includes the Achaemenid kings, their wives, children, step-children, siblings, parents, and parents-in-law. Other, more distantly related, individuals are included only when they provide the connection between two separate branches of the family tree. Most branches of the family terminate with a note about a distantly related royal family or dynasty.

In the most complex or incestuous generations, particularly the generation of Darius, Cambyses, and Atossa, the tree can become very wide. To effectively view the tree at the most complicated (ie incestuous) points, it is best to either use the search bar at the bottom to navigate directly to a person of interest or to set "Parents" and "Children" to 2 individuals.

Later generations seem to be the best choice for viewing all of the major figures at once. I recommend Artaxerxes III.

To view the most individuals possible, you can change the settings on "Parents," "Children," and "Others" at the bottom of the chart to see more generations at once.